About Us

 Thank you for shopping at our online store! Downtown Dawsyn hopes to bring you unique and trendy fashion, with a little bit of edge. We love to find you those unique pieces to add to your closet, and offer them at a great price.

We are a rapidly growing company that hopes to meet all your shopping needs. We are a boutique, so therefore our stock is limited but we do our best to get those hot ticketed items back in stock for you.


My name is Morgan (the one in white), and I am the owner of Downtown Dawsyn Boutique. I have had a lot of people ask me, “Why did you one day decide to open a boutique?” Well, after working in numerous retail stores, such as NY&CO and Sephora, I realized my love for the fast pace retail environment. I decided to go to college, to gain a degree in business, so I could conquer the retail world. Well two kids later, Sawyer (2) and Dawsyn (2 months), I find myself at home with my newborn daughter searching online for jobs. I had a couple job offers, but none of them felt right. Working the crazy hours of retail just wasn’t realistic when you have two children, and having a husband who has a crazy work schedule of his own. 

 I have always wanted to open my own boutique, but the timing never felt right. One day I thought to myself, “What are you waiting for?” I realized, right now is as good as any to start this business I have always dreamed of opening.  So, with a lot of hard work, late nights, and rounding up all my friends and family for help, Downtown Dawsyn was born! What started off as just a simple website, has grown into a quaint storefront located in the heart of Downtown Albany, GA. 

I have had a few amazing ladies who have helped me put this dream of mine to life and I definitely could not have done it without each and every one of them. My mother, my sister, Miranda, and my friends Brittany, Hunter, and Alaina.   

Customer Service is super important to me, and every single one of our customers matter. I appreciate all your suggestions, as Downtown Dawsyn continues to grow and evolve. We hope to make Downtown Dawsyn your number one boutique.